How to Use the Ladycare Magnet

The Ladycare Magnet comes in 2 parts.  An almost egg shaped larger part and a round button. In the picture below you can see the 2 parts attached.

Ladycare Magnet

The egg shaped piece fits on the inside of your knickers with the curved side facing your skin.

The button fixes on the outside of your knickers and keeps the egg part in place.

Does It Feel Uncomfortable?

Not really. You don’t notice it’s there until you go to the loo and you then need to make sure the top of you knickers haven’t flipped over so it’s facing the wrong way. It can do this if you’re wearing very light lacy underwear.

Does It Look Weird?

If you’re wearing tight clothing then you’ll see the bump but if you have something that is reasonably loose on top you don’t notice it at all. I guess it might look a bit weird in a bikini on the beach!

Do You Need to Wear It In Bed?

To have the full effects the manufacturers recommend you wear the magnet 24 hours a day. It is comfortable providing you have suitable underwear to hold it securely. Although you may think it’s a nuisance having to wear it to bed, if you suffer from night sweats or hot flushes a lot of the time this is a very small price to pay.