Menopause Symptoms

Menopause symptoms are very common in women. You may be lucky not to suffer any of these. However, most women will suffer at least one of these symptoms and some may suffer many of the symptoms.

In this article we cover:

  • What are the Symptoms of Menopause?
  • When do the Symptoms Start?
  • How Long do the Symptoms Last?
  • Why do these Menopausal Symptoms Occur?

What are the Menopause Symptoms?

  • Hot flushes (also known as hot flashes)
  • Night sweats
  • Problems with sleeping and tiredness
  • Reduced libido (loss or lowered sex drive)
  • Problems with memory and finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Vaginal dryness (and discomfort during sexual intercourse which can include pain & irritation)
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Changes in mood (feeling low or anxious)
  • Stiffness in your joints and feeling achey or having painful joints
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections (such as cystitis)

Menopause Age: When Do the Menopause Symptoms Start?

The Menopause symptoms can start several years or months before your periods finally stop. The usual age at which women reach the menopause is between 45 and 55 and the average age for women in the UK is 51. However, you may experience your menopause earlier than this. About one percent of women go through the menopause before they are 40 years old.

The time prior to this when you start experiencing the symptoms is called the “Perimenopause”.

How Long do the Symptoms Last?

This can vary greatly. Usually, women will experience them for up to 4 years after their periods have stopped. That being said, 10 percent of women may continue to suffer menopause symptoms for up to 12 years.

What Causes the Menopause Symptoms?

Hormones control your body’s physical and chemical functions. The change in hormones including oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone create the menopause symptoms that many women experience.

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