My Test Drive of Ladycare Magnet for Menopause

This evening, 22 May 2017, I saw an advert on TV for the Ladycare Magnet. It is a magnet that claims to be a “natural therapy for menopause symptoms”.

I’m a very sceptical person but many people say that it’s worked for them so I’m going to give the product a go. I’ve put up this site to document my findings from scratch and I’m desperately hoping it will work for me.

Don’t Sit Next to Me!

Angry Woman
How I feel during a hot flush!

5 years ago I remember being sat on the bus on the way home from dropping my children off at school. It was a hot day and I was sat at the back away from everyone else. Then, the bus started filling up and someone sat right next to me. Grrrrr!!! I was so hot and I could feel the sweat dripping down my face and my clothes sticking to my body. I just hoped he would get off as soon as possible so that I could breathe again! This is one of my early memories of having a hot flush.

The Menopause Monster Steals my Sanity

Stress has always made my hot flushes worse and if I get flustered about something I feel the heat rising very quickly. It’s not just heat though. It’s the horrible feeling that goes with it that just wipes out my energy and is making me have days when I just feel depressed and don’t want to do anything.

So, Who Am I?

I am a business owner in my late forties and began the dreaded menopause around 5 or 6 years ago. It was around the time of the “bus” incident which is when the hot flushes started.

Why Don’t I Just Take HRT?

I was offered HRT. I declined. Medication or drugs just isn’t for me and I have always preferred natural remedies. I don’t regret my decision not to take HRT but I get so frustrated and angry at the hot flushes. I just wish I could banish them somehow!

My Trial of the Ladycare Magnet

I would love it if you could follow my trial of the Ladycare Magnet and join in with me in the comments section if you also choose to try it out or have already tried it.  I’m not just looking for positive comments. If it didn’t work then I want to know everything – good and bad!